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My high recommendation to use this service, is not any kind of silly US QuawkBox which scream every nimble noise ticks with futures, but it informs the most important news in both markets, US and Europe. It´s nice while it is coming from loudspeakers, no need necessary to read any key events but they have that option exist as well.


Bradley SidoGraphic, Tomorrow is Bradley TurnDate,

2011 Bradley Turn Dates,

  3 most important dates
    • Feb 17, 2011
    • July 29/30, 2011
    • December 28, 2011
Other Bradley Turn Dates
    • · 1/16/2011
    • · 2/3/2011
    • · 6/15/2011, 6/22/2011
    • · 8/20/2011, 8/30/2011
    • · 9/26/2011
    • · 10/12/2011, · 10/28/2011
    • · 11/22-23/2011

SundayChart, SoyBeans, Weekly EW - FlatTops Creates MarketDrops

Appears to not be under conflict with CL futures what it is saying. 

SoyBeans have tendecy to trade with 0.786 retracements. 

It was just corrective by nature, to the upside. 

EW divergence has been building this since beginning of February where all year sideways action was just W4 complex flat consolidation to respond now very last fifth for ABC corrective labellings, this means C impulse wave is opening to the downside with weekly chart.

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