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Some saturday surfing links,

I like this new panorama photo service, hopefully it will become more popular.










One last mad shot, 80.000 mexapixels - you can zoom the rat on the street if needed ! ;)


Lost & Found,

That´s neat, works for both direction. New "i" things keeps coming ;)

However, danish guy did most clever thing yet exist for sailing:


Products of the year !

Vocre Beta 2.0

Microsoft is not alone there with voice translators mentioned in previous post.

Vocre beta 2.0 is now launched. It supports an impressive 23 global languages, a private beta has begun offering also live translated video calls. It´s free to download and use with Iphone / Ipad which makes it even more impressive because something like this could be fairy expensive, here´s the demo examples:


Apple isn´t only stock going up on there, today BMW gave kind of second positive profit warning today, in this year ! Besides to be my favorite stocks together with Daimler, this is also one important component in DAX-30 index and it brings it´s own fundamendal support for it, again, corporation CEO´s (with good products) are fairly positive one could say.

BMW car sales expected to hit 2 million in 2016

German automaker BMW has said that its sales are likely to surpass the 2 million vehicle mark in 2016, including its Mini and Rolls-Royce brands, Reuters has reported. The CEO of BMW group has said that the world's largest premium automaker is targeting new record highs in vehicle sales and pre-tax earnings for 2012. CEO Norbert Reithofer has added that BMW is increasing its production capacity in China, the USA, South Africa and India, while at the same time evaluating potential production locations in the BRIKT markets.


Is under fire in US, driven by Apple devices & clouds and there is no easy times to come for operators in near future either while they forced to invest and upgrade for faster (and expensive) networks ie. 4G LTE to keep consumers happy. 3G starts to be history allready. Apple is running ahead of of the tech. curve with new devices and new Ipad is not going to make it anything more easy for them. They are between the hard place & rock, telecom operators - there is no choice but to respond for consumers requirements no matter it takes years before those investments pays anything back. On the other hand it boost the network traffic which brings extra coins for them but this isn´t very profitable for them for times but just "must to do" issues because without they would start loosing customers for competitors. Apple is holding the cards and they do not leave much for operators who should try to find something additional "niche" to generate extra cashflow.

Price is high:

Texas Instrument profit warning today is sign of weakness for Nokia phones demand but it was relative small warning only, even it was allready fifth warning on the road.

Mentioned earlier this is coming, meet the first Daimler model with integrated SIRI,

Mercedes will be the first automaker to support Siri now, allowing one to make appointments, change songs, send messages, and more with the digital assistant. A docked  iPhone 4S will integrate with the car’s speakers. Phone 4S and Siri support will only be available in the Euro-only A-Class initially, although Mercedes says that the technology will be coming to the B-, C-, and E - Class models later this year.

The new Digital DriveStyle app allows drivers to stream AUPEO! radio (Europe’s equivalent to Pandora), connect with Facebook and Twitter to read out status updates, find your car in a crowded parking lot and get real-time traffic data and point-of-interest searches through a new Garmin navigation system. All of which is available with the entry-level “Audio 20’ setup.

Clearly, the targeted customers are young peoble to expand Daimler customers.

About markets: I am neutral with one word and also very passive to operate.

Saturday surfing,

Some new launched "VC things", this Gettaxi was just implemented in Russian.

Pinterest is cute - like stumbleupon was long time ago.

I am still waiting someone else to find way much better approach for information seaching & data mining than google does or any other search engine either yet but it seems nothing new in data mining area is not happening much, at least not as a launch.

Everything is just so "social" related in these days ;)


If RSI goes overbought, it goes because of Wave 3 ?

That looks for me as ending diagonal behind. 

Of cource nice movement is passed also in this year but this looks for me to more more happy traveller than SPX itself which indicates as potential impulse wave, sold once from SMA200 but that was taken out easily and with volume also which is the factor might be partially lagging issue with US market.

It is one of those countries which is estimated to be "third wave" of emerging markets some day once labor costs and lack of energy / power cuts is starting to heart China manufacturing. Third issues is the average population age, over 50% are less than 25 years old.

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