CadYen, abc-X-abc

I am big fan of complex 3 wave structure patterns. Impulses are less important, they goes where-ever they goes depending of the degrees. It is less important to know where they goes exactly, the purpose is of cource ride some of them and do exits with them.

Looking this end of CadYen diagonal triangle with this pattern see how one can simple count them all as cronological way also. Triple complex would have of cource 9 waves.

They also allways breakes for harmony ABCD ie. where EW is A=C. 

The red A=C is not harmony ABCD of cource but it is ABCD also ie A=C.

What´s so special about them, A=C ?

More complex they are, more powerfull response impulse will be and you are looking that also with CadYen now.

Diagonal triangle is daily chart where this component just ends it with hourly chart.

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