Chesapeake, CHK

18.12 - 2010 - Update.

Same thing. Chart is not updated but attatched stockcharts for it where it also shows what it has done. Pretty much what draw for it originally.

I do not like it in here anymore, great run behind but it starts to alternate too much for my taste and some of those energy stocks are working with more complex triple sideways EW progress rather that impulse waves. 

Complex D however most often do not take progress like this as internal structure what that wave have inside in it > it is relative direct peak response without D wave behaviour internally, but risk for another EW sideways triangles starts to increase head a bit in here.

Neutral with it now.

The key is just to take them in correct place as allways. It was.

If you thinking it, you need to see all possible alternates for it it can have and also which it cannot have, one is also that this is first response as W1 for it, it was impulsive with 60 min without any retracements.

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