James River Coal, JRCC

Having walking my charts and stocks I am re-posting this complex family & contracting triangle which I did post a week ago.

Not because I would have reason to master with it since it has worked well but for EW theorist there is louds of things in here why I did spend lot of time with it on last time so I did now.

This is contracting triangle from inside. Nor necessary that they all would be this complex but best likely are and will.

Just because it is this big as daily chart I have a lot of degrees to use for it interally ie. smaller degrees.

There is no any single errors with my waves marked for it and it follows every single nimble rules how it is written in the books but, you have complex flats inside of it and louds of them with all degrees.

Give time for it by theory point of view, I did (and also own it).

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