Angry MobilePhones, Nokia,

This troublesome WindowPhone manufacturer might become worth to look close how things develop over the coming year. Tilson HedgeFund made good short with this one while his bets with Netflix appears to be go wrong for every direction.

There´s a few reasons to look at Nokia.

One is actual market cap which starts to be below 14 billion euros making it easy buy-out candidate.

Another one is 12 % annual yielding and third one is actual cash, from the stockprice about buck is actual business premium. Fourth one is actually the patent the company owns, they are easily value of 10 billion alone and company could sell them or put it another way, the company could be bought only because of the patents it owns which is own portofolio.

Nokia also owns this luxury mobilephone company as own unique brand which is currently for sale and it is very profitable one, each of these phone prices starts from 6000 euros all the way up 60.000 euros.

It looks for me it is starting to finish the fifth wave or allready doing so. If it gives any additional "swallows" I am starting to end it´s fifth wave which is last impulse for much longer landing (basically ten years).

I don´t think it have much surprizes to offer for this quarter yet and stats particulary in US says it´s looser where Samsung and Apple are winners with-in higher segments but these are fully new phones which were not even available yet month ago but market knows this all allready. 

It might become turnaround company over this year to come back to the game or then it could be simple bought out - by anyone with this price.

The actual question where this impulse is about finished or going to be finished it is question of less that 1 dollar anymore for my eyes (or brains).

I don´t think it is however stock for one looking quick capitalgains since company is under changing their core business strategy chart might do yet nasty things over the spring yet or simple stand still because things usually do not end well untill there is ending pattern, but looking to park it for my portofolio.

This new phone called Lumia have one unique advance which is 3D integrated maps:

They will likely come to tablet markets also later yet with Windows OS.

Just because it´s not sexy to hold and own WallMart ;)

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