Doesn´t look alike "rest" in Europe. Market is optimistic about Greece solution in Europe.

For this reason I think I will skip my SPX hedge short plans tomorrow against for stocks, at least yet.

French Telecom and Nokia are now interesting, potentially for upside to mention. France Telecom is monopoly in France as tele-operator yielded last year +9,3% and I don´t think it differs much on this year either. It might be one of those stocks who has not recovered yet from the level where it is trading and has not reported it´s Q either yet. 

Long with both. 

Nokia did advance today in Europe about +2%, so tomorrow when US market opens this is allready priced in on there immediately when premarket opens but seriously wondering now or still is it under Wave3.

Take a look of it´s daily chart I suggest or see it in my earlier posts. Since then it is now up about +8% but still at very early stage if there is Wave3 which acts now-on.

"Lumia windows media show" should about start in US in very few days / weeks.

Marketing and Advertising campaign for it might become agressive in US because it is very important product for both, Microsoft and Nokia and will determine very much how well MSFT also have access at all for mobile business segment. Someone might become interested about it a bit.

I am not aware if they will place something similiar in N.Y as they did in London once it is landing on there but if they do put some similiar 4D skyscraper show on there too, it might get attention in the US Media.


In Europe Lumia has been available allready for some weeks, for US market it is only coming now.

Wave3 low > ABC corrective as IV > Wave 5 low > First reaction up as impulse > second down as Wave2 retracement > for now it is possible this is Wave3.

it´s CEO, ex. Microsoft guy Steve Elop who was calling the company as oil slick which is under fire with all of it´s troubles year ago mentioned a few weeks ago danger times are over.

I read that as early positive message.

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