Uh, can´t help much but I have bad "habit" to buy some of these little trouble some companies usually during the january-february. This one got some-what positive feedback for this i-product (they are currently designing new one with alliance of another company which have sound also). 

Company potentially used so called fire-sale to fund them more few years back which also leaded to destroy current shareholders equity. At times it was however more close of 4 or 5 bucks stock.

Difficult issues, on the other hand critical mass as business users for these kind of add-on´s starts to be available, this is for sale via Amazon for instance. I would hope their technology would aloud to ramp up screen resolution with next one which should be published at some time during this quarter if it is believing that they mentioned in CES.

Hopefully also bar-code scanner would become available as "i" add-on which would sound natural think to do for them as next after. Obvisouly lag of modern industrial design disturbs me a bit where it looks much less like "apple" - it´s not "zig" as french would call.

On the other hand if portable projector would start to become more popular between sales peoble and consultants for instance, it would not take long viewsonic or similiar company would likely come quickly with similiar product and who knows, perhaps even with better one.

Either way, planning to hold it for about 6-9 months to see how they are doing but it is risky. I bought it today together with this another odd mobile adv. company.

Watch closely when they launch and give more details of this next product, this is because they key sector is laser tech. where they also hold some very key patents.

This one has been available from them allready where Hexus gave some carefull positive feedback:

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