Taiwan Tower,

I like it;

Silent / flat day for a while, expect Greece which came up as usual, that market is now up +25% in 4 weeks, I have read some reports recently what names international investors are picking up from there based for valuations.

I noticed this IDCC came down today -7%, since it is only one do not have divergences either I will skip it from this 4G deparment because noticed there has been also earlier one large volume selling bar with daily chart but potentially going to look at it once and if 61.8% is overlapped (spring 2012).

Harman Kardon, you should read it how they see emerging markets for them, it is also one of those stocks I believe are travelling with daily Wave3´s (posted it some months ago).

Quality stocks from SPX.


Btw. Eur-Usd is starting to look impulsive for me, 1.3400 might be under way in a shorterm.

(But I don´t have it as pairtrade, not much interest to own or look currencies in these days instead stocks).

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