Orange Juice 5 years chart,

Potential wave 3 impulse to come,

(Ipad chart)

1 year soon passed

As mentioned year ago other projects as well as my career in the financial area will take all my time for next 12 months and I will be off, that time has not passed however - comeback is closer and closer.

Hopefully I will be able to blow your mind what we also build - maybe will share it with a few fellows also ;)

I will start do some blogging by end of  this year (if this site still have readers left, I have no clue since I do not read any stats) and will come back. Year has been very good - many enterprise projects finished and running while many newly found are unfinished.

One which was also finished was my new house !


Market Geometry

360Cities Panorama Photos,

Some saturday surfing links,

I like this new panorama photo service, hopefully it will become more popular.,-0.33,96.0,11.53,27.1,-9.50,70.0,6.30,90.0,21.90,70.0,15.70,80.0,-3.60,90.0,0.00,70.0,-4.90,70.0

One last mad shot, 80.000 mexapixels - you can zoom the rat on the street if needed ! ;)

Lost & Found,

That´s neat, works for both direction. New "i" things keeps coming ;)

However, danish guy did most clever thing yet exist for sailing:


Products of the year !

Vocre Beta 2.0

Microsoft is not alone there with voice translators mentioned in previous post.

Vocre beta 2.0 is now launched. It supports an impressive 23 global languages, a private beta has begun offering also live translated video calls. It´s free to download and use with Iphone / Ipad which makes it even more impressive because something like this could be fairy expensive, here´s the demo examples: 

Apple isn´t only stock going up on there, today BMW gave kind of second positive profit warning today, in this year ! Besides to be my favorite stocks together with Daimler, this is also one important component in DAX-30 index and it brings it´s own fundamendal support for it, again, corporation CEO´s (with good products) are fairly positive one could say.

BMW car sales expected to hit 2 million in 2016

German automaker BMW has said that its sales are likely to surpass the 2 million vehicle mark in 2016, including its Mini and Rolls-Royce brands, Reuters has reported. The CEO of BMW group has said that the world's largest premium automaker is targeting new record highs in vehicle sales and pre-tax earnings for 2012. CEO Norbert Reithofer has added that BMW is increasing its production capacity in China, the USA, South Africa and India, while at the same time evaluating potential production locations in the BRIKT markets.


Is under fire in US, driven by Apple devices & clouds and there is no easy times to come for operators in near future either while they forced to invest and upgrade for faster (and expensive) networks ie. 4G LTE to keep consumers happy. 3G starts to be history allready. Apple is running ahead of of the tech. curve with new devices and new Ipad is not going to make it anything more easy for them. They are between the hard place & rock, telecom operators - there is no choice but to respond for consumers requirements no matter it takes years before those investments pays anything back. On the other hand it boost the network traffic which brings extra coins for them but this isn´t very profitable for them for times but just "must to do" issues because without they would start loosing customers for competitors. Apple is holding the cards and they do not leave much for operators who should try to find something additional "niche" to generate extra cashflow.

Price is high:

Texas Instrument profit warning today is sign of weakness for Nokia phones demand but it was relative small warning only, even it was allready fifth warning on the road.

Mentioned earlier this is coming, meet the first Daimler model with integrated SIRI,

Mercedes will be the first automaker to support Siri now, allowing one to make appointments, change songs, send messages, and more with the digital assistant. A docked  iPhone 4S will integrate with the car’s speakers. Phone 4S and Siri support will only be available in the Euro-only A-Class initially, although Mercedes says that the technology will be coming to the B-, C-, and E - Class models later this year.

The new Digital DriveStyle app allows drivers to stream AUPEO! radio (Europe’s equivalent to Pandora), connect with Facebook and Twitter to read out status updates, find your car in a crowded parking lot and get real-time traffic data and point-of-interest searches through a new Garmin navigation system. All of which is available with the entry-level “Audio 20’ setup.

Clearly, the targeted customers are young peoble to expand Daimler customers.

About markets: I am neutral with one word and also very passive to operate.

Saturday surfing,

Some new launched "VC things", this Gettaxi was just implemented in Russian.

Pinterest is cute - like stumbleupon was long time ago.

I am still waiting someone else to find way much better approach for information seaching & data mining than google does or any other search engine either yet but it seems nothing new in data mining area is not happening much, at least not as a launch.

Everything is just so "social" related in these days ;)


If RSI goes overbought, it goes because of Wave 3 ?

That looks for me as ending diagonal behind. 

Of cource nice movement is passed also in this year but this looks for me to more more happy traveller than SPX itself which indicates as potential impulse wave, sold once from SMA200 but that was taken out easily and with volume also which is the factor might be partially lagging issue with US market.

It is one of those countries which is estimated to be "third wave" of emerging markets some day once labor costs and lack of energy / power cuts is starting to heart China manufacturing. Third issues is the average population age, over 50% are less than 25 years old.

N.Y Times,

It may be last windows you ever need to install, fix, update, upgrade, repair, re-boot or repair anymore and it is faster that your´s too, it´s size is 5 megas and it fixes and upgrades and fixes also all third party windows applications without your actions needed. It means good bye also for end-user windows security vulnerables, viruses and virus scanners too in windows world from end-user.

Someone has been thinking something more seriously, previous apple / microsoft employer...


Has been happy traveller with new impulse waves after very time consuming corrective. 

BNO ie. BrendCrude had this daily chart cont. triangle which ended on december.

It´s little scary because in my country for instance car fuel costs now 1,70 euro per liter which is new record ever and there is no near term change to be seen for this trend ! BNO itself however is too run for my taste even I don´t think there is any turn to come much either for it.

But sugar, I think this is going to open new impulse from here too. Spring & Agri times might be coming and considering to buy it for a few weeks & months.


I found what I have been looking for when it comes to Ipad stands, something which can be attatched  anywhere but doesn´t eat desk space, little surprizing I haven´t see this kind of "tripods" anywhere else, at least not yet,

(Sorry for so many apple related posts). ;)


A tech news of the week I did not find anything dramatically interesting but this is something I haven´t see or even heard before. Apple bought this company on last week.

Own search engine for apps.


I never have been so much for these new i-cloud "i" business software houses which is pity, I did trade this today CRM Q as longside today and it is certainly impulsive where it is - track the sales leads & leads for more sales and clearly appears to have zigzag pattern behind. 

CRM clouds has succesfully landed also for small and medium size business territory. It is propably the most famous name on there when it comes to independent CRM and clouds based services but not only one, keep on eye this one which is much smaller company yet but start to looks promising:

They reported february 8:th as following:

Q4 Revenues of $22.5 Million and Full Year Revenues of $83.8 Million Both Up 18% Over 2010; Q4 SaaS Revenue Up 42% Year Over Year; Q4 SaaS Billings Up 41% Year Over Year; Record Full Year Recurring Revenues Up 19% Year Over Year. 

It is small company yet but has also succesfully done number of buy-outs from the marketplace. Obvisiously you do not get the companies like this with any concervative single digits PE numbers, they are grow strories.

So far, Callidus has bought these names:

Fourth Quarter - Webcom Inc - cloud-based configuration, pricing and quoting
Third Quarter - Rapid Intake - cloud and mobile collaborative, e-learning authoring
Third Quarter - iCentera - cloud and mobile sales enablement portal
Second Quarter - Litmus - mobile learning management system
First Quarter - ForceLogix - cloud-based sales coaching solution
First Quarter - Sales Force Assessments - cloud-based sales assessment solution integral to our Sales Selector product


Square is so yesterday allready - meet the Izettle from Sweden. The difference is sigficant, while Square is capable to read only magnetic cards Izettle is capable to read also chipcards. It is allready accepted by MasterCard and currently under beta testing. It is targeted for private peoble and small companies. There is no monthly costs either but company charge 2.75% per transaction.


It is estimated it might be able to turn profitable company during the last two Q´s or then by year change.

Heavy I-phone investments done, so far it is trouble some and might require time but if you believe this is turning year it is time to pick it up and reward could be high on next year.

The one risk I see for operators are these new free services which do not require anymore software at all like Skype does, they read directly the address book and it is easy to share them with your friends and family.

There is about twelve of them exist, also social media services might be planning some free text message services which is lofty margin business for operators and it might start to eat some easy coins away from traditional operators.

Either way, I bought it today after first +3,5% jump because there is elliott wave ending diagonal behind and chart was retraced in Wave2 territory after first "pump off". 

I did try this long allready on december but by then it did abandon to response yet, now it looks more promising but it might easily lead for bottom & sideways trading later yet also where it was only technical bounce yet. Fundamendally there is no quick turn unless someone is not buying it out from there. However, risk-averse and longbase view investors might be trying to pick it up with these "2 plus" prices.

HPQ did plunge well and with volume - might be more coming.

Of cource nothing is free in this world, not even Viber - where they are targeting is mobile advertising business attatched sooner or later, the way or other. So far I have read that together with social media services they had took away -10% marketshare away from operators, mainly related for text messages. On the other side of the story bandwitch use for more heavy content is however increasing which is the bright side of the story for traditional operators itself.

Chitika Insights Resarch,

Reported 2 days ago that exploring the internet with windows based devices has sank down from 78.4% percent to 71,4% percent during the period of August 2011 and End of January 2012. In two months time alone (December 2011 and January 2012) 4% drop is seen alone providing a tip this new trend speed is going down more and more fast over the most recent months. 

My conclusion is that windows based devices won´t sell well anymore and trend potentially has turn for IOS more agressive way, to look names like Dell and HPQ for instance (first one dropped down today -6% for instance after disappointing Q report). Of cource a lot of this behaviour can be explained another way also like with the simple fact that peoble do browse internet more with mobile devices and tablets rather than PC´s.

However, I think this new change and upcoming new IOS Tablet market might give even more serious negative impact for consumer market in the PC / Laptop segment which goes worse from here with Windows OS devices and it is reason for me to stay out from the names like HPQ and Dell now including all other PC devices and add-ons manufacturers. Even the DELL itself actually is not expensive one (9 $ from it´s shares is just pure cash).

Besides Lenovo is the marketshare winner in Windows Hardware segment world and no wonder why, it´s products are the best like Laptops in windows world. However, that´s also bad new for the all the rest in the area. If the total marketshare between windows devices is sinking down and Lenovo is the winner in that downroad.......I stay out from the rest.

For this reason I did exist my HPQ long today. It did jump up about 10 $ bucks from this weekly chart W2 territory touching also SMA200 but I do smell trouble smokes for entire PC business if this Chitika Insights re-search curve is changing this fast. But I am not really aware if HPQ for instance never had any market much between the consumers, I think its´more corporations choice. However it´s not very supportive either and same goes for Dell. There is some positive stories for them, one for instance is this Cloud boom where number of gigantic server fields are build all over the world but from consumers homes these things might disappear.


Reported today some delays with customer orders which did lead for earnings to slip down a bit. I shorted it, but not actually based for this small disappointment but because bloomberg also reported Samsung has won some large US contracts as 4G LTE deals, the clients names were not included but I somehow counted in my head this might be away for instance from Ciena orderlog.

Too early to say is my conclusion anything correct and perhaps even wrong since Ciena was pointing for international clients orders rather than domestic ones but I just found it as "2 butterflies" with one hit. 

Something as shorthedge, it did plunge about -9 % but I didn´t notice anything very serious with it. 

Stilll however trying to keep it as one shorthedge against of longs, it somehow feels and taste like a market which is not doing so overdramatic advance work anymore with index itself.

Overall, I think it is the market where it might be little bit difficult to get any significant edge since it is so silent after Q reports are allmost over. Perhaps even little bit boring one.

I didn´t know Garmin have this much applications exist in these days, just started to look their products as it came to my mind is there any need at all for all this hardware on future for every vehicle anymore but it seems they did realize something important on time.

That´s allmost as much software company today which used to be hardware company alone.

With-out this change chart would not be trading there anymore today where it is now. I hope they will do marine / sailing navigation maps on future to be available as apps.

OLED Technology,

Appears to expand for TV´s as next. I assume it might mean good buy for very energy hungry plasma technology. Samsung is good company with product innovations. Another significant trend appears to be voice control for everything, from cars to consumer electronics. It is mentioned to be feacture for this TV also, no need for fancy remote control arsenal anymore at the living room table.

Samsung is one of the best stock to have from Asian market for my taste.


Doesn´t look alike "rest" in Europe. Market is optimistic about Greece solution in Europe.

For this reason I think I will skip my SPX hedge short plans tomorrow against for stocks, at least yet.

French Telecom and Nokia are now interesting, potentially for upside to mention. France Telecom is monopoly in France as tele-operator yielded last year +9,3% and I don´t think it differs much on this year either. It might be one of those stocks who has not recovered yet from the level where it is trading and has not reported it´s Q either yet. 

Long with both. 

Nokia did advance today in Europe about +2%, so tomorrow when US market opens this is allready priced in on there immediately when premarket opens but seriously wondering now or still is it under Wave3.

Take a look of it´s daily chart I suggest or see it in my earlier posts. Since then it is now up about +8% but still at very early stage if there is Wave3 which acts now-on.

"Lumia windows media show" should about start in US in very few days / weeks.

Marketing and Advertising campaign for it might become agressive in US because it is very important product for both, Microsoft and Nokia and will determine very much how well MSFT also have access at all for mobile business segment. Someone might become interested about it a bit.

I am not aware if they will place something similiar in N.Y as they did in London once it is landing on there but if they do put some similiar 4D skyscraper show on there too, it might get attention in the US Media.

In Europe Lumia has been available allready for some weeks, for US market it is only coming now.

Wave3 low > ABC corrective as IV > Wave 5 low > First reaction up as impulse > second down as Wave2 retracement > for now it is possible this is Wave3.

it´s CEO, ex. Microsoft guy Steve Elop who was calling the company as oil slick which is under fire with all of it´s troubles year ago mentioned a few weeks ago danger times are over.

I read that as early positive message.

SPX 1362-1370,

Carefully thinking to try to do some short for pullback but actually hedged still ie. long with stocks.

Microsoft ElliottWave WXY has worked well but I calculated one target for it on december as 32 $ from this WXY sideways zigzag pattern in the weekly chart, either way I think it might be on the way to 38 $ and is under impulse waves but 32 might offer shorterm wave change.

The 16 % of it´s stocks are owned by ETF and IndexFunds - currently they are forced to buy 160 million new stocks from the open market because there is balance change to become for SPX index is what I have understood, it might be also the reason why Nokia boosted up first +5% on friday (finally !)  from this Wave2 bottom territory but impossible to say does it effect for Microsoft OEM manufacturers or is the reason something else. Nokia itself is not attatched in SPX Index.

It worked well, the MSFT long - on the other hand the weekly charts posted below might also suggest that any short might not simply work so well anymore. If this market is under weekly W3s negative divergences or such technical issues might simple just not work out anymore much.


Practical new product as some of the latest one for Ipad but fits for other Apple devices also.

SPX-500 Weekly Impulse Wave 3´s,

For you who feel like missing the train or just not feel confortable with higher highs. 

Potential stocks from SPX-500 index as weekly charts for a few years to have ie. potential Weekly Impulsive Waves as Wave3.........  

No fancy Russell 2000 Index or Nasdaq stocks, just from SPX store.

I just think that bears as general idea might not work well in this market for some time anymore unless the case is really not clear for certain way. 

That Bank of America is also just one another potential Weekly W3 as similiar as these.

Yes, little resistance with SPX-1360 now, but how much chances it got actually.

Nitrozac & Snaggy - New Cartoon ;)

Some volume,

With exit candle today, time to rest for a while ? ;)

"Greece" cycle", market has done now highs and lows with Greece news in less than 8 months ? ;). 

With fast and furious apple today it is difficult to say if this was top for some time to come but after I read what Tim Cook said about dividents at the Golman conference - it is not so much issue for them wherever to pay or not to pay dividents for investors and this decision is to become when they have next Board meeting.

However, this 100 billion is not located in US and if apple is going to pay some dividents to reward investors they first need transfer this money to US in which case US government would smash for them -35% taxbill from this profit done.

So any correction is not necessary related for actually their business but it´s short of technical tax risk what is there. To simple put if they would turn 100 billion to US, it would be 35 billion taxbill first before any dividents could be paid.

I would be surprized if I would not see some articles related for this subject in near term in US.

It´s pretty run market but for some reason I ended up to pick up something JP Morgan did suggest some time ago which was HES from oil sector since I noticed it was still trading with 64 $ and I don´t have anything from oil sector.

What JP. Morgan was looking with HES, likely something like this, 

Consensus estimates for HES EPS forecast it will grow by 17% to $6.68 in 2012 and then by 20.4% and 1.7% more in the following two years. Of the 17 revisions to estimates, 12 have gone down for a net change of -4.8%. Assuming multiple of 11x and a conservative 2013 EPS of $7.74, the intrinsic value of the stock is $85.14. On January 30, 2012, John Hess, the CEO bought about 91,250 shares, which is worth about $5 million.

1 Billiion,

SmartPhones sales in a few years could be reached says Tim Cook today. 

It made me wonder...

This is global marketshare from 2011 sales including also non-smart mobile phone sales:

Nokia 27,0%
Samsung 21,3%
Apple 6,0%
LG Electronics 5,7%
ZTE 4,3 %
Others 35,7 %

By end of 2013 my cold estimate is as this:

Apple 50.0 %
Samsung 15,0 %
Nokia +25,0 %
Others: 10 % 

I will re-post it then and see how wrong or right it did went.

One might wonder if such a quick changes are possible but we are dealing with consumer market with very fast developing fashion product where consumers can change their opinion quickly as past years did show up.

i-Phone5 will determine a lot, it should be revolutionary step & upgrade from current 4S model as fully new one during the upcoming summer but it´s difficult to imagine at this stage it would be disappointment.

It´s Ego-System edge, Add-On devices + Applications available are just so much ahead of other´s but it is the Pad as extra driving boost - why bother to have 2 totally different OS by consumer ?

It willl be interesting to see what kind of content is for sale for mobile phones by then, today it is mostly entertainment only but unlikely to stay like this alone.

IK Multimedia,

Pity that it isn´t listed company,  I would own it´s shares.

Must have tools.

i-Rig Mixer:

i-Rig for Guitar:

i-Rig Mic:

i-Rig Midi:


i-Klip Mini:


To move upside but also abandon to move for downside.

Still hanging on there with this line as long as it is not violated. 

I can´t help myself that it looks impulsive for upside and is still potentially W2 area.

No other action for me today. 

Just one line which solves a lot once it moves anywhere at all.

I am officially off from any trading for a few months due too many projects, just keeping holdings.

Baltic Panama turning ?

That was second direct day as +8% for it. 

Ships & Tankers related stocks has been following this some week allready.

Something to keep on eye.

Usefull RealTime StatData,

(For instance for Mobile Segment Analyse)


Not so sure which one is silly, either me or the market, only time will tell but I bought this small crack at this morning based for cash-flow & income statement & balancesheet.

The company is also debth free, it´s CEO own the 50% from the shares.

Negative session ahead,

Europe has been selling some. 

When it happened last time, 6 months ago ? (Cannot remember anymore).

Greece is up +30% in 4 weeks.

US likely not bullish today either as closing value.

Jabil Circuit,

When to exit these things, spring / summer 2012 ?

Just wondering...I don´t have this one actually.

Apple PE is now about 10,7 with 500 $. 

Still, it´s not actually expensive - my local food retails and shops are more lofty priced if there will be no surprizes ahead - I-pad-3 / I-phone5 acts allready ? ;)

Jones Group,

Potential ZigZag Wave2 as Complex Triple Tree.

First one is Daily Chart, Second one as Weekly where impulse is located.

Rosetta Stones,

Here´s a little EW trick I noticed on Sunday with that Rosetta post as 60 min.

These triple flats can be many ways on there, they are difficult of cource since they can even x3 to make more of them, but counting the numbers itself might help often and after one triple flat something important should be trying to respond - even after the fact as afterwards it´s helpfull that something important potentially has ended.

More complex means better response in EW, usually once ended.

Btw. From these smaller and more risky names (lower post) my MOTR potentially changed waves for W3 today with 60 minute degree. My broker screen shows they banned shortselling for it today which might be reason for "spurt".


Here´s the potential weekly EW for it. Stock for decade to own for me.

(In shorterm it might move a bit more after Daimler reports from German, since Daimler is their customer also BUT I do not have any short period bets for it - just stocks as well as Daimler & BMW shares too).

Taiwan Tower,

I like it;

Silent / flat day for a while, expect Greece which came up as usual, that market is now up +25% in 4 weeks, I have read some reports recently what names international investors are picking up from there based for valuations.

I noticed this IDCC came down today -7%, since it is only one do not have divergences either I will skip it from this 4G deparment because noticed there has been also earlier one large volume selling bar with daily chart but potentially going to look at it once and if 61.8% is overlapped (spring 2012).

Harman Kardon, you should read it how they see emerging markets for them, it is also one of those stocks I believe are travelling with daily Wave3´s (posted it some months ago).

Quality stocks from SPX.

Btw. Eur-Usd is starting to look impulsive for me, 1.3400 might be under way in a shorterm.

(But I don´t have it as pairtrade, not much interest to own or look currencies in these days instead stocks).

Telecom Fiber Optic,

I wrote during the weekend some longer thoughts and analysis about 4G LTE update where Acme Packet (APKT) was mentioned as long candidate, some more update for tat post as charts.

AFOP & IDCC & CIEN fits for me from the same business group. 

AFOP and IDCC particulary but even CIEN montly (10 years) chart start to raise some questions.

Attatch one´s are all daily degrees.

Long cases for me.


Uh, can´t help much but I have bad "habit" to buy some of these little trouble some companies usually during the january-february. This one got some-what positive feedback for this i-product (they are currently designing new one with alliance of another company which have sound also). 

Company potentially used so called fire-sale to fund them more few years back which also leaded to destroy current shareholders equity. At times it was however more close of 4 or 5 bucks stock.

Difficult issues, on the other hand critical mass as business users for these kind of add-on´s starts to be available, this is for sale via Amazon for instance. I would hope their technology would aloud to ramp up screen resolution with next one which should be published at some time during this quarter if it is believing that they mentioned in CES.

Hopefully also bar-code scanner would become available as "i" add-on which would sound natural think to do for them as next after. Obvisouly lag of modern industrial design disturbs me a bit where it looks much less like "apple" - it´s not "zig" as french would call.

On the other hand if portable projector would start to become more popular between sales peoble and consultants for instance, it would not take long viewsonic or similiar company would likely come quickly with similiar product and who knows, perhaps even with better one.

Either way, planning to hold it for about 6-9 months to see how they are doing but it is risky. I bought it today together with this another odd mobile adv. company.

Watch closely when they launch and give more details of this next product, this is because they key sector is laser tech. where they also hold some very key patents.

This one has been available from them allready where Hexus gave some carefull positive feedback:

MotriCity, MOTR,

Is it ending triple zigzag (diagonal) ?

Sunday Post,

The chart was hit by loosing US military contract in the passed but this might be buying opportunity.

Overall year was miserable 2011 for them. With decreasing government budgets as well as consumers trading down to cheaper alternatives. Nevertheless, the company continues to have a best-in-breed product and a balance sheet with no debt and 76% of its market cap in cash.

I am also long with upcoming WaltDisney (DIS) earnings to mention something special from the upcoming week with earnings calender. 

New I-helthcare issues appears to be coming, Philipps has also entered for this territory:


Time to prepare for massive 4G upgrade ? No wonder if FFIV keeps running a bit. 

I am thinking Acme Packet (APKT) long for this as one candidate. I haven´t listen their conference call yet but it is interesting this market is not actually so interested of passed Q results anymore instead appears to be looking something further which wasn´t even provided much.

This article might provide some reasons for it and my recommendation to read also Car MEMC chip.

GigaOM current estimate is that totally 8,6 billion mobile devices are attatched to the network by 2015.

Techbull have legs ie. reasons there to run in sub-categories, passed Thailand flooding for instance hits this disk area now too and warehouses are forecasted to be pretty sold later during the spring if not even empty.

Seagate (STX) for instance who recently bought disk business from Samsung also has been happy runner, clouds & data in the sky.

4G replication speed is 1 Giga for MobileDevices which is major difference from 3G.

I see these 2 are very related between each other. It´s more data and / or applications which are strored in the sky on future but it also increases need for bandwitch speed and that´s where 4G steps in.

It´s not the old rosy millenium days for everyone for long, for instance Merrill Lynch wrote recently a letter this cloud based IT business will be 160 billion tsunami at the market place where even Microsoft itself could be under danger.

It leads for less hardware (which is good), for instance entire PC computer as box with all the silly accessories might be vanished and that´s what I think HPQ for instance has been wondering should they sale PC division away fully and leave only Servers and AirPrinters. There is hundreds of old tech. companies wondering in these days what to do on future at all (Sony, Panasonic, Nec, Nintendo for instance from Japan) and Nasdaq is full of these old names to start even listing where it is questionable can they re-innovate themselves to find place to be because the product they do today is not necessary even exist tomorrow anymore.

PC computer is one such a example.

Printer cabels itself are gone allready, it´s all AirPrinting from anyplace / everywhere from any device.

I-pad itself is going to change a cash-register / payroll system & providers & e-commerce too and it won´t stop only for that, the entire CRM / ERP systems starts to live and work in  real-time. Accounting deparment for instance receive your transaction in the moment you buy a just a cup of coffee with-out piece of paper or receipt changed or needed.

Some first implementation where I-pad has been implemented as cash-register system has reported +12 % sales grow immediately, particulary this is going to change service sector but it might attack even for all retailers globally where so far it has been mainly used by corporation managements only.

Those real business applications for it are coming allready from all over.

This for instance is targeting for restaurang & hotel segments:

It also accepts credit cards:

This is currently implemented for pharmacy area in US:

This is targeting for e-commerce application:

During the 2011 I-phone got a lot of attention with all kind of kewl add-on devices / apps which more or less were toys and gadgets but this second wave is much more serious and currently it is pretty hot in medical sector also when it comes to innovations and new start-ups.

It changes the way how entire customer, sales and sales transaction is threated or done because it does not require the location or space for it and there is no cash receipts exist anymore either - it goes fully wireless.

If one is looking Nasdaq listed equities, around 3600 of them - many of them big wonders, the right business strategy and even product change need to be done pretty much now if planning to be even exist tomorrow anymore. We are on the way for less material world where devices are much more handy & smaller, even minimalist world where also final change might be how even daily newspaper or post is going to delivered at all which brings gigantic troubles for paper and paper machinery industry with all sub-categories once revolution takes the step. Computers didn´t change it too dramatically at times but this one might do so.

It requires less space, it´s very similiar what happened for elevator at times. Every buildings used to have separate elevator room in the basement for long before Kone Co. created maintenance free elevator without this room required, once it took place building architects left this room fully off from new developments.

For now, it is questionable does special deparment stores even need separate cash-desks anymore.

Even software itself is not necessary installed to these devices some day, the device itself reads it from the cloud where all hardworking and processor needed CPU math is done.

ATT stats shows allready clouds has started to boost network traffic significantly in US, this traffic so far comes a lot from Apple users but this trend is not going to change in the long run while everyone are running to the sky (clouds).

As Tim Cook from apple expressed it, it is not product, it is the strategy for next 10 years.

IBM propably made good decision long time ago when they sold hardware for chinese if looking it today because today one might have difficulties to find buyers for it anymore. Servers and Laptops of cource stays on there but those big ugly boxes and tons of cabels from homes and offices might be gone later.

If you want to know reason why Paulson lost fortunes with Hewlett Packard shares over 2011, the reason for it was not Europe, Greece or Italy. It was this hardware change - market saw this is coming to be trouble one. The good news is they have AirPrinters now.

For the end, one more toy for it ;)


Looks alike no-one is not interested about it much. It is kind of factory in these days rather than volalitet tech stock and makes the movements in Europe. If it does not make anything interesting in a few days or drops a few ten cents I will likely drop it off from my portofolio. The volume is not there and it might mean chart is not correct because it likely would be done it´s movement allready if the case of W3.

For instance, if you look my WHR chart  - in any event once W3 comes possible there is no such a thing exist as "resting" or "sleeping".

I think it´s too early for Nokia / my count for it might not be correct but I will keep it as long as it won´t violate my Wave2 entry.

In either case, US market does not price it, it is just ADR certificate on there - Europe does.

It´s about 4.68 - 4.70 as max. where it can go in the case to keep that count, so relative small %:s anyhow. If that would be violated for downside, my count would not be correct for it.


Buy it, that´s bottom is my bet for some months to come, not only for this hourly chart but also daily.

Stops with W2 retracment.

It sells carefully well in Northern Europe, the new Lumia.


They are trying hard to get attention & also younger image now. This is from London / UK

I haven been researching this area a lot recently but it might take a few weeks from me to come up with a thoughts I ended with where it does lead at the end or where it is going now-on but many names might be under real danger now in the long run if not understanding this correctly where this area is heading from here.

Btw. Nokia is going to open Nokia NightClub in my city, will be opened in a few months time ;)

Saturday Post,

Netflix, Short Long Story to learn with ElliottWave,

I took NFLX long (after they reported earnings), not before, why ?

Because it´s weekly chart has reached max. W2 retracement and daily chart was building it a impulse wave which I did wait that it won´t be a zigzag wave. 

I did watch it´s recovery phase for long how it is going to do it, with zigzag or impulse.

Without going all the deep issues related for the company (A dead lot have to went correctly for them to become global & dominant player and there is troubles, like margins potentially ahead) and there is too many issues with it starting from tangible assetts and certainly need to raise more cash to become global in this field.

I just faced it like this:

There have to a be a lot of things wrong that chart is capable to reach elliott wave 2 max. bottom as public have to be super bearish with it, with this size degree (weekly chart).

If you do deal with wave2 lows, you are there alone - there isn´t no-one home.

Also I don´t believe something dead boring as WallMart will enter for this area as competitor, WMT is only local poor boy shop available only in US - if one want to destroy your brand or deal with low-end customers only, deal with it. It belongs for totally different customer segment.

Amazon is of cource question, which btw. start to be WallMart of the Net also > boring but works.

Bring the Tv for 2012 x-mas sale.

NFLX: If you are interested from this high risk name you might want to look if there is another degree W2 (ABC) change for it during the winter / spring but so far I think it just changed even for more agressive wave.


Marked potential waves for it.

If they will jump a bit further, do not be surprized...

Mining, Oil, Gold, Silver + Commodity Stocks,

 Good days keeps coming. It was actually silent in Europe expect Greece which jump again +5% ;). 

Mining - place to be with FED but also place to be for some time I think.

Apple PE is now 10 with 450 $, it is very correctly priced I think. 

Premium range could be PE 10-12, meaning the most secure exit for earnings call was 450 $ but it could still trade slightly higher & stay with-in this valuation range. Best part however might be done.

Nickel : ZigZag correction down behind and RSI is overbought  


We do work with impulse waves for upside.

I think there is still summer days ahead, with mining, commodity and oil stocks, particulary.

But I highlight the word "stocks" rather than actual physical commodities.


How Apple Integrates Between World Best Brand And how they all integrates between each other,

Watch these: 

Mobile means mobile also while driving,

BMW i-drive joystick and i-phone & i-tablet integrates to the car itself.

It is not extra acceccory. 

For instance you can start the engine, turn on the lights, cool / warm / air seats and air inside the car without being inside of your car with your i-phone. Some of these features are coming while some of them are allready available while some of them have been on the market allready some time.

BMW realized this well on time with integrated i-drive joystick which fits so well for term "i".

Several brands have integrated solution in their cars for I-phone & I-pad and in future more than ever:

- Porche
- Jaguar
- Daimler
- Volvo
- Audi

One quickly realizes they are all either high-end or luxury brands.

Many of these names are also the one´s who have expressed positive messages, reached targeted sales revenues, raised earnings & dividents with very conflicting macro-picture.

(Bmw and Daimler for instance).

ie. the world most high-end brands in their own field. 

With actual apple accessories which are not so deeply integrated there is more of them like Toyota but also more some regular brands allready where it is integrated allready like Wolswagen.

What about portability for walkers / travellers / home use, B & O from Denmark,

Harman Kardon (HAR) is one another example who also happens to be audio integrator for Daimer cars as well as for some of these new brands from Asia & India.

 Best producs / brands prefer to deal only with other best products / brands:

How the new product life-cycle works in allmost every area and cars are not exception in the manner. 

The same way as in Fashion Indursty. 

High End Brands do all expensive innovation & re-search & developmentand tests. 

As a final result then brings the "new thing" for consumers.

In many cases they are first expensive extra-charged accessories just like ABS breakes, Car Air Condinition or even the Car CD station was. They all sound stupid simple today and belongs to every single car. 

Cars were just aluminium baskets with 4 wheels and engine, that´s about it. Everything in it since is result of new and expensive innovation & re-search but if you compare them today between each other, allmost all same new features are much later found from each of them between any manufacturers while at early stage the latest features belongs only for more expensive one´s.

It just happens & takes place first between the luxury makers which have better designers & also often much more lofty re-search & development budgets. 

What happens later is that all the secondary and much less high-end product manufacturers realize this afterwards and want to add same thing while it has been tested allready by higher-end manufacturers and their consumers. At this stage this "feature" price has allready stalled to the level where more consumers can afford it also, it becomes less espensive or there is less espensive version available for less expensive brands.

The result by then is: We have new standard. 

Just a thought partly, somewhere between these 2 cycles I think Apple is now while it is breaking very succesfully for all kind of equipments as integrated solution like cars.

Home / building solutions next ? Then it covers technology indoor and outdoor. 

I-pad´s from kids school to university to replace books. 

Next would be offices / corporations, naturally.

There is 3 dominant trends:

1. BYOD ie. Bring and Work With Your Own Device for your employer.

2. Younger Generation who did accept i-phone first are the one´s who decides on future IT purchases at corporations but also parents devices.

3. One Apple device holder will change for another apple, likely which drives also Mac sales because of ego-system / OSI / integration benefit.

The next updates are not cosmetic one´s while perhaps i4s was a bit:

February-March i-pad3

April: All MacBooks are fully re-launched

During the summer/autumn: i-Phone5 

(i-Phone 5 potentially might have face recognition based for Apple patents applications ie. no-one cannot steal it from you / use it.) 

Autumn; Potentially Apple TV 

Any surprizes ?

Future looks good for Apple but it also appears to look good for the one´s who have been following this path offering it´s ports & integrated devices for it.

They are not crappy product manufacturers, either.
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