How Apple Integrates Between World Best Brand And how they all integrates between each other,

Watch these: 

Mobile means mobile also while driving,

BMW i-drive joystick and i-phone & i-tablet integrates to the car itself.

It is not extra acceccory. 

For instance you can start the engine, turn on the lights, cool / warm / air seats and air inside the car without being inside of your car with your i-phone. Some of these features are coming while some of them are allready available while some of them have been on the market allready some time.

BMW realized this well on time with integrated i-drive joystick which fits so well for term "i".

Several brands have integrated solution in their cars for I-phone & I-pad and in future more than ever:

- Porche
- Jaguar
- Daimler
- Volvo
- Audi

One quickly realizes they are all either high-end or luxury brands.

Many of these names are also the one´s who have expressed positive messages, reached targeted sales revenues, raised earnings & dividents with very conflicting macro-picture.

(Bmw and Daimler for instance).

ie. the world most high-end brands in their own field. 

With actual apple accessories which are not so deeply integrated there is more of them like Toyota but also more some regular brands allready where it is integrated allready like Wolswagen.

What about portability for walkers / travellers / home use, B & O from Denmark,

Harman Kardon (HAR) is one another example who also happens to be audio integrator for Daimer cars as well as for some of these new brands from Asia & India.

 Best producs / brands prefer to deal only with other best products / brands:

How the new product life-cycle works in allmost every area and cars are not exception in the manner. 

The same way as in Fashion Indursty. 

High End Brands do all expensive innovation & re-search & developmentand tests. 

As a final result then brings the "new thing" for consumers.

In many cases they are first expensive extra-charged accessories just like ABS breakes, Car Air Condinition or even the Car CD station was. They all sound stupid simple today and belongs to every single car. 

Cars were just aluminium baskets with 4 wheels and engine, that´s about it. Everything in it since is result of new and expensive innovation & re-search but if you compare them today between each other, allmost all same new features are much later found from each of them between any manufacturers while at early stage the latest features belongs only for more expensive one´s.

It just happens & takes place first between the luxury makers which have better designers & also often much more lofty re-search & development budgets. 

What happens later is that all the secondary and much less high-end product manufacturers realize this afterwards and want to add same thing while it has been tested allready by higher-end manufacturers and their consumers. At this stage this "feature" price has allready stalled to the level where more consumers can afford it also, it becomes less espensive or there is less espensive version available for less expensive brands.

The result by then is: We have new standard. 

Just a thought partly, somewhere between these 2 cycles I think Apple is now while it is breaking very succesfully for all kind of equipments as integrated solution like cars.

Home / building solutions next ? Then it covers technology indoor and outdoor. 

I-pad´s from kids school to university to replace books. 

Next would be offices / corporations, naturally.

There is 3 dominant trends:

1. BYOD ie. Bring and Work With Your Own Device for your employer.

2. Younger Generation who did accept i-phone first are the one´s who decides on future IT purchases at corporations but also parents devices.

3. One Apple device holder will change for another apple, likely which drives also Mac sales because of ego-system / OSI / integration benefit.

The next updates are not cosmetic one´s while perhaps i4s was a bit:

February-March i-pad3

April: All MacBooks are fully re-launched

During the summer/autumn: i-Phone5 

(i-Phone 5 potentially might have face recognition based for Apple patents applications ie. no-one cannot steal it from you / use it.) 

Autumn; Potentially Apple TV 

Any surprizes ?

Future looks good for Apple but it also appears to look good for the one´s who have been following this path offering it´s ports & integrated devices for it.

They are not crappy product manufacturers, either.
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