Mining, Oil, Gold, Silver + Commodity Stocks,

 Good days keeps coming. It was actually silent in Europe expect Greece which jump again +5% ;). 

Mining - place to be with FED but also place to be for some time I think.

Apple PE is now 10 with 450 $, it is very correctly priced I think. 

Premium range could be PE 10-12, meaning the most secure exit for earnings call was 450 $ but it could still trade slightly higher & stay with-in this valuation range. Best part however might be done.

Nickel : ZigZag correction down behind and RSI is overbought  


We do work with impulse waves for upside.

I think there is still summer days ahead, with mining, commodity and oil stocks, particulary.

But I highlight the word "stocks" rather than actual physical commodities.

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