Index at silent CrossRoads,

But nice conflict still acts between the assetts still acts. 

For instance HIG, GS, MS, BAC ie. kind of Mr. Paulson financials are somewhat building upside momentum with sideways patterns which can be of cource be IV waves also but if so, they can be also relative time consuming one´s if considering what kind of drop there is behind and it is bit difficult to see them very bearish for this reason either. There is many other options exist but divergences itself suggest still more the longside.

In theory, if they drop some, it would quickly come as five wave downside while in here they abandon to do so instead +5% rally day behind with bullish divergence trying to survive and keep above SMA50 green road.

It´s very conflicting market on there which also makes it very sideways market while biggest part of the capital gains are mostly priced at the opening bells and with-in first hour in US.

Bull in Europe but perhaps little less in US behind, our markets did rocket up +2.6% and Frankfurt as well. Weakening Euro boost our Export ?

Fundamendally, one might have difficulties to crack our some of our shares for downside unless macropicture is really not going to change much more dramatically. 

For instance Daimler is going to close record sales from 2011 and offers also additional divident for shareholders (likely) + extrabonus for all employees, the messages from BMW are very similiar and they do not see difference for this year either instead to be still on the track to reach +10% sales revenue ramp, again. 

Even the Daimler trucks division sales has seen boosted sales figures from 2011. 

Daimler pays +40% from their corporate profits for shareholders every year.

We are doing great, from the middle part ie. German, the lower the Euro goes with time, the better boost it does for our Export based indursty and it is all based for export.

It´s just the different issue when and where the market does see it this way, now it appears to see it that way as cause while 6 months ago it was freaked out the same cause.
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