Exiting days keeps coming.

Not so dramatic with SPX proxy index itself which advanced only moderate 1,1% yesterday and +0,4% today but between the equities it has been more exiting also in US, particulary SOX / SMH has been under interest while Bank´s not so far away.

With these shy % changes SPX destiny is actually to be world worse market performer index over January from all western markets. US has not threat very well IndexBasket investor during this year if comparing it for peer groups where most exiting things has happened in Europe and elsewhere.

However, in the world where everything correlates between each other I don´t think it might have chances to take any dramatic corrections while our & other markets are bullish.

From SPX500 index Pulte Homes and Lennart has triple-digit gains in US and for me it seems home construction cycle has changed over the passed 6 months in US or then someone believes so, I am not so much fan of  home builders because the are very highly cyclical all over the world but I do believe renovation & fixing cycle in this area might be one to look at. That´s the situation at least in Europe where many of our cities (buildings & houses) were build at the same time and between 2010-2020 many of them needs to be fixed all at the same time.

I assume home kitchen equipment furnitures are going to do so also, thats´why I have Whirlpool which have number 1 marketshare in US while Samsung, Miele, LG, Siemens etc. dominates elsewhere.

It is just regular PE-9 priced stock, yields about 4% but weekly chart can be W2 bottom.

Company reports by early of February.

Other than than I have some of those SOX names from US, Autodesk is one of them where I do hope it is under Wave3.

SOX also has been best performing index during this week in US which is something new and interesting since many of those names are responding from the lows while NDX itself beats the SPX slightly and potentially has done now succesfull break-out.

At least divergences with this break-out are not negative to give a hint of failure

(attatched the lowest chart).

The most risky is Greece but I do believe that market is going to bounce as well from here.

I would expect European markets to beat US market index products in % terms also in near future.

In fact it opens even a several pairtrade possibilities, SPX is so slow. 

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