1 Billiion,

SmartPhones sales in a few years could be reached says Tim Cook today. 

It made me wonder...

This is global marketshare from 2011 sales including also non-smart mobile phone sales:

Nokia 27,0%
Samsung 21,3%
Apple 6,0%
LG Electronics 5,7%
ZTE 4,3 %
Others 35,7 %

By end of 2013 my cold estimate is as this:

Apple 50.0 %
Samsung 15,0 %
Nokia +25,0 %
Others: 10 % 

I will re-post it then and see how wrong or right it did went.

One might wonder if such a quick changes are possible but we are dealing with consumer market with very fast developing fashion product where consumers can change their opinion quickly as past years did show up.

i-Phone5 will determine a lot, it should be revolutionary step & upgrade from current 4S model as fully new one during the upcoming summer but it´s difficult to imagine at this stage it would be disappointment.

It´s Ego-System edge, Add-On devices + Applications available are just so much ahead of other´s but it is the Pad as extra driving boost - why bother to have 2 totally different OS by consumer ?

It willl be interesting to see what kind of content is for sale for mobile phones by then, today it is mostly entertainment only but unlikely to stay like this alone.

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