Some volume,

With exit candle today, time to rest for a while ? ;)

"Greece" cycle", market has done now highs and lows with Greece news in less than 8 months ? ;). 

With fast and furious apple today it is difficult to say if this was top for some time to come but after I read what Tim Cook said about dividents at the Golman conference - it is not so much issue for them wherever to pay or not to pay dividents for investors and this decision is to become when they have next Board meeting.

However, this 100 billion is not located in US and if apple is going to pay some dividents to reward investors they first need transfer this money to US in which case US government would smash for them -35% taxbill from this profit done.

So any correction is not necessary related for actually their business but it´s short of technical tax risk what is there. To simple put if they would turn 100 billion to US, it would be 35 billion taxbill first before any dividents could be paid.

I would be surprized if I would not see some articles related for this subject in near term in US.

It´s pretty run market but for some reason I ended up to pick up something JP Morgan did suggest some time ago which was HES from oil sector since I noticed it was still trading with 64 $ and I don´t have anything from oil sector.

What JP. Morgan was looking with HES, likely something like this, 

Consensus estimates for HES EPS forecast it will grow by 17% to $6.68 in 2012 and then by 20.4% and 1.7% more in the following two years. Of the 17 revisions to estimates, 12 have gone down for a net change of -4.8%. Assuming multiple of 11x and a conservative 2013 EPS of $7.74, the intrinsic value of the stock is $85.14. On January 30, 2012, John Hess, the CEO bought about 91,250 shares, which is worth about $5 million.

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