Time to prepare for massive 4G upgrade ? No wonder if FFIV keeps running a bit. 

I am thinking Acme Packet (APKT) long for this as one candidate. I haven´t listen their conference call yet but it is interesting this market is not actually so interested of passed Q results anymore instead appears to be looking something further which wasn´t even provided much.

This article might provide some reasons for it and my recommendation to read also Car MEMC chip.

GigaOM current estimate is that totally 8,6 billion mobile devices are attatched to the network by 2015.


Techbull have legs ie. reasons there to run in sub-categories, passed Thailand flooding for instance hits this disk area now too and warehouses are forecasted to be pretty sold later during the spring if not even empty.


Seagate (STX) for instance who recently bought disk business from Samsung also has been happy runner, clouds & data in the sky.

4G replication speed is 1 Giga for MobileDevices which is major difference from 3G.


I see these 2 are very related between each other. It´s more data and / or applications which are strored in the sky on future but it also increases need for bandwitch speed and that´s where 4G steps in.

It´s not the old rosy millenium days for everyone for long, for instance Merrill Lynch wrote recently a letter this cloud based IT business will be 160 billion tsunami at the market place where even Microsoft itself could be under danger.

It leads for less hardware (which is good), for instance entire PC computer as box with all the silly accessories might be vanished and that´s what I think HPQ for instance has been wondering should they sale PC division away fully and leave only Servers and AirPrinters. There is hundreds of old tech. companies wondering in these days what to do on future at all (Sony, Panasonic, Nec, Nintendo for instance from Japan) and Nasdaq is full of these old names to start even listing where it is questionable can they re-innovate themselves to find place to be because the product they do today is not necessary even exist tomorrow anymore.

PC computer is one such a example.

Printer cabels itself are gone allready, it´s all AirPrinting from anyplace / everywhere from any device.


I-pad itself is going to change a cash-register / payroll system & providers & e-commerce too and it won´t stop only for that, the entire CRM / ERP systems starts to live and work in  real-time. Accounting deparment for instance receive your transaction in the moment you buy a just a cup of coffee with-out piece of paper or receipt changed or needed.

Some first implementation where I-pad has been implemented as cash-register system has reported +12 % sales grow immediately, particulary this is going to change service sector but it might attack even for all retailers globally where so far it has been mainly used by corporation managements only.

Those real business applications for it are coming allready from all over.

This for instance is targeting for restaurang & hotel segments:



It also accepts credit cards:


This is currently implemented for pharmacy area in US:


This is targeting for e-commerce application:


During the 2011 I-phone got a lot of attention with all kind of kewl add-on devices / apps which more or less were toys and gadgets but this second wave is much more serious and currently it is pretty hot in medical sector also when it comes to innovations and new start-ups.

It changes the way how entire customer, sales and sales transaction is threated or done because it does not require the location or space for it and there is no cash receipts exist anymore either - it goes fully wireless.

If one is looking Nasdaq listed equities, around 3600 of them - many of them big wonders, the right business strategy and even product change need to be done pretty much now if planning to be even exist tomorrow anymore. We are on the way for less material world where devices are much more handy & smaller, even minimalist world where also final change might be how even daily newspaper or post is going to delivered at all which brings gigantic troubles for paper and paper machinery industry with all sub-categories once revolution takes the step. Computers didn´t change it too dramatically at times but this one might do so.

It requires less space, it´s very similiar what happened for elevator at times. Every buildings used to have separate elevator room in the basement for long before Kone Co. created maintenance free elevator without this room required, once it took place building architects left this room fully off from new developments.

For now, it is questionable does special deparment stores even need separate cash-desks anymore.

Even software itself is not necessary installed to these devices some day, the device itself reads it from the cloud where all hardworking and processor needed CPU math is done.

ATT stats shows allready clouds has started to boost network traffic significantly in US, this traffic so far comes a lot from Apple users but this trend is not going to change in the long run while everyone are running to the sky (clouds).

As Tim Cook from apple expressed it, it is not product, it is the strategy for next 10 years.

IBM propably made good decision long time ago when they sold hardware for chinese if looking it today because today one might have difficulties to find buyers for it anymore. Servers and Laptops of cource stays on there but those big ugly boxes and tons of cabels from homes and offices might be gone later.

If you want to know reason why Paulson lost fortunes with Hewlett Packard shares over 2011, the reason for it was not Europe, Greece or Italy. It was this hardware change - market saw this is coming to be trouble one. The good news is they have AirPrinters now.

For the end, one more toy for it ;)

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