Looks alike no-one is not interested about it much. It is kind of factory in these days rather than volalitet tech stock and makes the movements in Europe. If it does not make anything interesting in a few days or drops a few ten cents I will likely drop it off from my portofolio. The volume is not there and it might mean chart is not correct because it likely would be done it´s movement allready if the case of W3.

For instance, if you look my WHR chart  - in any event once W3 comes possible there is no such a thing exist as "resting" or "sleeping".

I think it´s too early for Nokia / my count for it might not be correct but I will keep it as long as it won´t violate my Wave2 entry.

In either case, US market does not price it, it is just ADR certificate on there - Europe does.

It´s about 4.68 - 4.70 as max. where it can go in the case to keep that count, so relative small %:s anyhow. If that would be violated for downside, my count would not be correct for it.
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