Reported today some delays with customer orders which did lead for earnings to slip down a bit. I shorted it, but not actually based for this small disappointment but because bloomberg also reported Samsung has won some large US contracts as 4G LTE deals, the clients names were not included but I somehow counted in my head this might be away for instance from Ciena orderlog.

Too early to say is my conclusion anything correct and perhaps even wrong since Ciena was pointing for international clients orders rather than domestic ones but I just found it as "2 butterflies" with one hit. 

Something as shorthedge, it did plunge about -9 % but I didn´t notice anything very serious with it. 

Stilll however trying to keep it as one shorthedge against of longs, it somehow feels and taste like a market which is not doing so overdramatic advance work anymore with index itself.

Overall, I think it is the market where it might be little bit difficult to get any significant edge since it is so silent after Q reports are allmost over. Perhaps even little bit boring one.

I didn´t know Garmin have this much applications exist in these days, just started to look their products as it came to my mind is there any need at all for all this hardware on future for every vehicle anymore but it seems they did realize something important on time.

That´s allmost as much software company today which used to be hardware company alone.

With-out this change chart would not be trading there anymore today where it is now. I hope they will do marine / sailing navigation maps on future to be available as apps.

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