Chitika Insights Resarch,

Reported 2 days ago that exploring the internet with windows based devices has sank down from 78.4% percent to 71,4% percent during the period of August 2011 and End of January 2012. In two months time alone (December 2011 and January 2012) 4% drop is seen alone providing a tip this new trend speed is going down more and more fast over the most recent months. 

My conclusion is that windows based devices won´t sell well anymore and trend potentially has turn for IOS more agressive way, to look names like Dell and HPQ for instance (first one dropped down today -6% for instance after disappointing Q report). Of cource a lot of this behaviour can be explained another way also like with the simple fact that peoble do browse internet more with mobile devices and tablets rather than PC´s.

However, I think this new change and upcoming new IOS Tablet market might give even more serious negative impact for consumer market in the PC / Laptop segment which goes worse from here with Windows OS devices and it is reason for me to stay out from the names like HPQ and Dell now including all other PC devices and add-ons manufacturers. Even the DELL itself actually is not expensive one (9 $ from it´s shares is just pure cash).

Besides Lenovo is the marketshare winner in Windows Hardware segment world and no wonder why, it´s products are the best like Laptops in windows world. However, that´s also bad new for the all the rest in the area. If the total marketshare between windows devices is sinking down and Lenovo is the winner in that downroad.......I stay out from the rest.

For this reason I did exist my HPQ long today. It did jump up about 10 $ bucks from this weekly chart W2 territory touching also SMA200 but I do smell trouble smokes for entire PC business if this Chitika Insights re-search curve is changing this fast. But I am not really aware if HPQ for instance never had any market much between the consumers, I think its´more corporations choice. However it´s not very supportive either and same goes for Dell. There is some positive stories for them, one for instance is this Cloud boom where number of gigantic server fields are build all over the world but from consumers homes these things might disappear.
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