It is estimated it might be able to turn profitable company during the last two Q´s or then by year change.

Heavy I-phone investments done, so far it is trouble some and might require time but if you believe this is turning year it is time to pick it up and reward could be high on next year.

The one risk I see for operators are these new free services which do not require anymore software at all like Skype does, they read directly the address book and it is easy to share them with your friends and family.

There is about twelve of them exist, also social media services might be planning some free text message services which is lofty margin business for operators and it might start to eat some easy coins away from traditional operators.

Either way, I bought it today after first +3,5% jump because there is elliott wave ending diagonal behind and chart was retraced in Wave2 territory after first "pump off". 

I did try this long allready on december but by then it did abandon to response yet, now it looks more promising but it might easily lead for bottom & sideways trading later yet also where it was only technical bounce yet. Fundamendally there is no quick turn unless someone is not buying it out from there. However, risk-averse and longbase view investors might be trying to pick it up with these "2 plus" prices.

HPQ did plunge well and with volume - might be more coming.


Of cource nothing is free in this world, not even Viber - where they are targeting is mobile advertising business attatched sooner or later, the way or other. So far I have read that together with social media services they had took away -10% marketshare away from operators, mainly related for text messages. On the other side of the story bandwitch use for more heavy content is however increasing which is the bright side of the story for traditional operators itself.

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