Chesapeake, CHK

18.12 - 2010 - Update.

Same thing. Chart is not updated but attatched stockcharts for it where it also shows what it has done. Pretty much what draw for it originally.

I do not like it in here anymore, great run behind but it starts to alternate too much for my taste and some of those energy stocks are working with more complex triple sideways EW progress rather that impulse waves. 

Complex D however most often do not take progress like this as internal structure what that wave have inside in it > it is relative direct peak response without D wave behaviour internally, but risk for another EW sideways triangles starts to increase head a bit in here.

Neutral with it now.

The key is just to take them in correct place as allways. It was.

If you thinking it, you need to see all possible alternates for it it can have and also which it cannot have, one is also that this is first response as W1 for it, it was impulsive with 60 min without any retracements.

Cal Dive, DVR

Update; and here it is trying to start now, you keep that zigzag compo W2 pattern on there now and it looks promising. First +5% day candle for chart today (not updated). If volume picks up for this it does have reasonable chances.

Collecting and picking up something different EW setups for a while as ending diagonals and end of complex corrections and contracting triangles, I added this for my portofolio.

Looking ABC Flat with this case. 

Double Eagle Petroleum, DBLE

Here´s one of them I do re-post again.

I have 27 of them.

It not good to speculate with those waves alone on there, you need to have something which really can suggest it is really ending it and not allways have all the alternates after every second corner exist. EW patterns are ending them, without patterns there isn´t anything ending, just changing temporary more often that not.


Damn I love these things ;)

That YTEC is trying to build this also, it does not look to quite ready for me, something as sideways as third component is still missing and it could take even month before it is there, but it is building something like this.

I did skip it yet, something is potentially missing from it and too low volume case also.

(I did post it for when it was finished as this).

Locked 5 contract series with it today ;)

James River Coal, JRCC

Having walking my charts and stocks I am re-posting this complex family & contracting triangle which I did post a week ago.

Not because I would have reason to master with it since it has worked well but for EW theorist there is louds of things in here why I did spend lot of time with it on last time so I did now.

This is contracting triangle from inside. Nor necessary that they all would be this complex but best likely are and will.

Just because it is this big as daily chart I have a lot of degrees to use for it interally ie. smaller degrees.

There is no any single errors with my waves marked for it and it follows every single nimble rules how it is written in the books but, you have complex flats inside of it and louds of them with all degrees.

Give time for it by theory point of view, I did (and also own it).

Foster Wheeler, FWLT

Foster Wheeler is another nice fractal case. That looks good bullish pattern but a bit too good start allready seen, it is likely allready inside of "god knows" how many degree W3´s. 

That chart does not differ much from previous post UDRL chart either. Expanding triangle in the top after 3 up, which drops with next swings as corrective structure down with 3 again for W2 retracement area, then EW consolidate & ending pattern for it and it´s about placed.

Calpine, CPN - Utilities,

Fixed it.

D cannot be impulse.

It is complex also, with minium I assume it is looking another X, but that expanding triangle is there.

That contracting triangle is there also as final component for this potential c, might be looking another X for it yet to come to run it more complex as that.

James River Coal, JRCC

Comments in the chart.

CadYen, abc-X-abc

I am big fan of complex 3 wave structure patterns. Impulses are less important, they goes where-ever they goes depending of the degrees. It is less important to know where they goes exactly, the purpose is of cource ride some of them and do exits with them.

Looking this end of CadYen diagonal triangle with this pattern see how one can simple count them all as cronological way also. Triple complex would have of cource 9 waves.

They also allways breakes for harmony ABCD ie. where EW is A=C. 

The red A=C is not harmony ABCD of cource but it is ABCD also ie A=C.

What´s so special about them, A=C ?

More complex they are, more powerfull response impulse will be and you are looking that also with CadYen now.

Diagonal triangle is daily chart where this component just ends it with hourly chart.

Quanta Services + JetBlue,

I think PWR started but this Jetblue is also reasonable looking contracting triangle. It is located at the in the re-testing line. Might be worthwhile to keep on watchlist what it is going to build on there. 


Regions Financial, RF + Morgan Stanley, MS, JP Morgan JPM + HBAN + KEY + BPOP + PACW + WCPO

Perhaps that´s enough, from financial sector.

Will take a peek for other deparments tomorrow.

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